Sunday, 28 August 2016

How to clean up ElasticSearch with Curator 4.0.6


Today, I would like to share with you a quick introduction to a tool that cleans and maintains your ElasticSearch cluster clean and free from old data: Curator (thanks flopezlasanta for the tip on this!)

This tool, along with ElasticSearch itself, evolves very quickly, so when I was looking for information on the subject and I found this blog entry from 2014, I noticed how much the way of working with the tool has changed. Anyway, kudos to @ragingcomputer!

Installation instructions

Before you install Curator, you need to get the Python package Installer (Pip), so Python is another requirement, Note that if you are running a version of Python newer than 3.4 (version 3) or 2,7 (version 2), Pip comes already installed with Python. More info here.

Note: You need to be super user to perform the installation.

And you are ready to go! Now let´s check the other two files needed to make it work.