Friday, 18 January 2019

Systematic Put Write - January 2019


Today is January Option Expiration day and it is time to review the movements done following our strategy.
IBEX 35 on January 18th 2019. Source Investing
Strong gains this month in the IBEX 35 January Future which closed at 9078 points, that is 526 points more (or + 6,18%) than the previous month.

As this value is above the strike price of the sold option (which was 8600) I get to keep all the credit initially received (+ 226,35 €).

Considering this, since its inception, the Put Write Strategy is at -3,1%.

Closed: ODAX January 2019 Call Spread


Today is January options expiration day and the 11400 - 11800 Call Spread expires yielding its maximum possible profit.

DAX 30 on January 18th 2019. Source Investing
Nice comeback from last Christmas lows however, it comes too late to affect this trade negatively. Now it is time to evaluate the situation but probably I will wait for new drops in the index to open new trades.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Closed: ODAX January 2019 Put Spread


This morning I have closed the trade at around 93% of the maximum possible profit with still 10 days before the expiration date.

DAX 30 on January 8th 2019. Source Investing
We are in a bearish setup, so it makes sense to me to eliminate some downside risk and wait for a new drop in order to deploy a new Put Spread using February options.