Saturday, 22 December 2018

Systematic Put Write - December 2018


Yesterday was December Option Expiration day and it is time to review the movements done following our strategy.

IBEX 35 on Dec 21st 2018. Source Investing

Sharp decline in the IBEX 35 December Future which closed at 8550 points, that is 506 points less (or -5,58%) than the previous month. This drop overwhelms the credit received for the short 9100 Put Option and results in a loss of 366,85€ this month.

Considering this, the Put Write Strategy is now at -5,8%.

Monday, 17 December 2018

New Position: ODAX January 2019 Call Spread


Complementing the Put Spread opened last week, I have opened a 11.400 - 11.800 Call Spread for the January expiration cycle. This effectively transforms the trade into an Iron Condor.
Also, in order to add some upside protection, I have bought a 11.350 - 11.400 Call Spread using February options. Ideally I would like to reuse this Spread again in February.

DAX 30 on December 17th 2018. Source Investing

Five trading weeks to go and an Implicit Volatility of around 21%. I should be able to hold longer before adjusting the trade given the fact that I have a debit Call Spread for February and the credit received from the Put Spread. The Put Spread, on the other hand, will be adjusted at 30 delta.

Monday, 10 December 2018

New Position: ODAX January 2019 Put Spread


Opened a new 9900 - 9500 Put Spread using the January 2019 ODAX options. DAX is now at 10740 (that is -6% since last week!).

DAX 30 on December 12 2018. Source Investing

Six trading weeks to go and an Implicit Volatility of around 22%. I will adjust the trade if the short option reaches 30 delta. Also I will close the trade if there is a bounce upwards and I am able to get a 60/70% of the maximum premium quickly.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Closed: ODAX December 2018 Put Spread


Today, I have closed the last trade involving 2018 options. With still three weeks remaining, taking 75% of the maximum premium is good enough for me.
DAX 30 on December 3rd 2018. Source Investing

In case there is a Volatility spike, I will be looking forward to January for deploying a new trade.