Sunday, 25 November 2018

New Position: ODAX December 2018 Put Spread


Last Friday, with the DAX 30 index at 11.160 points, I opened a 10.500 - 10.100 Put Spread for the December expiration cycle (28 days to go).

DAX 30 on November 23rd 2018. Source Investing
Four trading weeks to go and an Implicit Volatility of around 19%. I will adjust the trade if the short option reaches 30 delta.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Systematic Put Write - November 2018


Today is November Option Expiration day and it is time to review the movements done following our strategy.

IBEX 35 on November 16th 2018. Source Investing

IBEX 35 November Future closed at 9056 points, that is 152 points more (or +1,7%) than the previous month. As this value is above the Strike Price of the sold option, it expires worthless and I get all the premium received initially (+176,35€ or +1,9%).

Considering this, the Put Write Strategy is now at -1,9%.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Closed: ODAX November 2018 Put Spread


Today,  I have closed the second Put Spread involved in this month of November. Although the trade was guaranteed to be a loser and I had to reduce the losses as much as possible, I have decided to close it and not risk two additional weeks of exposure.

DAX 30 on November 6th 2018. Source Investing
I might redeploy another Spread for December, if the conditions are good.